Friday, February 25, 2011

The super cheap way to shape rice

This adorable lunch box is filled with some simple leftovers from my stir-fry and rice dinner. I had to add a touch of fun to it, though, so I used a simple cookie cutter to make a heart-shaped rice patty. This method can be used with lots of different cookie cutters, so give it a try!

Start with your simple cookie cutter. I used my el cheapo ones that are easy for little ones to use with ease. Just place it on your plate after your spritz it lightly with some cooking spray.

Fill it with rice. Since it's sticky rice, sometimes it helps to slide the spoon off the inside of the cutter to make the rice stay inside, and not on the spoon. Pat it down to make it firm.

This lovely heart rice patty is what you end up with once the cutter is removed. Sah-weet! Gently lift it from the plate and place it in your dish.

Once you've done that, you just add the stir-fry to the outsides of the dish and you are ready to go. With bento's, be sure that the food is flush with the top of the box (or simple tupperware works well, too). This prevents it from moving when it's moved. I had to add a thin layer of stir-fry to the bottom of the dish before I put the rice in so that it was flush.

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